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Truffle Tuesdays! Truffled Popcorn

Truffled Popcorn

Truffles may, in fact, be the most seductive food on earth. Their intoxicating aroma and luxurious, rich, earthy taste make any recipe seem indulgent. And so, along with my love for truffles, I declare Tuesdays from now on to be Truffle Tuesdays! Let’s see how long I can sustain this.

It seems appropriate that for Truffle Tuesday’s debut, I introduce you to my first foray into using truffle flavors at home: truffled popcorn. This popcorn is a delicious way to breathe flavor into movie night or a fun and surprising addition to a cocktail party or even a highbrow sports party (Super Bowl, NASCAR, Stanley Cup, you take your pick). Continue reading

The Trendiest Way to Eat Kale

kale chips

Kale chips cannot be a new invention, but they’ve certainly taken the food and diet world by storm lately. Healthier than potato chips! Light, crispy, and full of vitamins! Bet you can’t eat just one!

I’ve never in my life cooked with kale, but as with anything that’s new and hip, I had to try making kale chips. So, I picked up a head of kale at the farmers market. The first thing I noticed was that they were certainly cheaper than potato chips. The entire head cost a buck. Hmm, had I found a tasty and incredibly affordable snack? Continue reading

When Life Gives You Overripe Bananas, Make Banana Bread

Banana bread

I always overestimate the number of bananas I should buy. Part of the problem is that I prefer to eat them slightly underripe, when they’re still a bit “al dente” and tangy rather than soft and sweet. Regardless, I often find myself with several overripe specimens that I won’t eat but feel guilty throwing away. Fortunately, I don’t mind baking with ripe bananas. Banana bread is probably the easiest option, but I also have banana muffins and cupcakes in my repertoire—I’m sure you’ll see them in the future.

The following recipe is from JoyofBaking.com, my go-to site whenever I need a new recipe for a baked item. My only addition is the sparkling sugar, which I add to nearly everything I bake. Although bananas aren’t a fall fruit, there’s something about the cinnamon-sweet smell of this bread baking that makes me feel all warm and cozy. Continue reading