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How I Finally Put My Running Injury Into Perspective

Running with Lauren Fleshman

Despite my valiant efforts at anti-inflammatory eating, icing, anti-inflammatory gel application, and continued rehabilitation exercises, my IT band/knee is still giving me fits. Back in June I thought I had recovered completely, but after a race at the end of that month, a nagging pain started setting in during the last few minutes of my longer runs. A few more weeks passed, and the pain started happening even sooner. Now, some days I can only run a mile before the pain hits; other days, I’m good to go for three, four, or even five miles. There’s no rhyme or reason, and that’s part of my frustration.

And so frustrated tears were shed, there may have been some yelling (hey, I’m Italian), and I entered last weekend at a turning point. It was the Great Race 10K, something I registered for back in February before I even knew what my IT band was. Continue reading

What Is an Anti-Inflammatory Diet, and Why Am I Eating It?

anti-inflammatory dietCopyright Natalie Maynor, Flickr.com

Remember the food cleanse that wasn’t? Turns out, all I need to follow a plant-based diet is a little extra motivation.

Somehow, beyond all reason, in the past year I’ve become a runner. As any runner will tell you, runners are crazy—they’ll do anything and continue to push themselves in order to get that running fix. Threaten to take that away from them, and they resort to desperate measures.

Such as essentially going vegan. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Continue reading