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My Husband Went to Greece and All I Got Was a Delicious Idea for Pork Souvlaki*

Pork Souvlaki

Last summer, my husband had the privilege of traveling to Greece for two weeks. Without me. In his defense, it was for work, and I had volunteered to stay home with our two dogs, who, yes, are like children to us. Don’t judge. It was during that time that I started this blog, so you have that to thank for what you are reading today.

He promised to take many pictures and share many stories, especially of the food. And when he returned, the number-one dish he could not stop talking about wasn’t the meal he had at the world-class restaurant in Athens with breathtaking views of the city at night. It was the pork souvlaki his group had tried near the Corinth canal at something akin to a rest stop. You would think he had become Anthony Bourdain. Continue reading