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Can Giant Eagle Market District Cooking School Take the Heat?

Market District Cooking School

Note. This post originally appeared in the Pittsburgh Observer, February 2010.

The opening of the Giant Eagle Market District store in Robinson Township last November promised to be a Mecca for Pittsburgh-area foodies. Here you could find all of your specialty food products in one place, from locally grown produce to grass-fed meats, with purveyor names like Jamison Farms and D’Artagnan. At last, you could finally purchase beer in a Pennsylvania grocery store, and not just any beer, but quality microbrews, both local and otherwise. Artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, high-end prepared foods, even gelato—the list both delights and amazes.

Despite the draw of these products, a slightly lesser known aspect of the new store intrigued me even more: The Market District Cooking School. I have dreamed of attending the Culinary Institute of America in New York State for years, if not for its formal four-year culinary arts degree then at least for its enthusiast classes. The Market District school held the promise of those kinds of informal classes closer to home. Continue reading