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Make Your Own Pizza. Seriously. All the Way Down to the Dough.

homemade no-knead pizza

I fancy myself a pizza connoisseur, having spent my formidable years in the sprawling suburbs of New York City, indulging on the area’s quality pies for nearly two decades. In my book, nothing can compare to my beloved NY pizza, and for a long time I turned my nose up at anything that even tried. Although I now think that California-style pies can sometimes come close, Chicago can keep its deep dish “casserole” (calling that overdose of bread, cheese, and toppings a pizza only encourages its bad behavior).

What makes NY pizza is its crust. Serious Eats explains it pretty accurately, all the way down to the science of exactly what thickness each crust layer should be. Me, I’m not that picky (although I know it sounds like I am). Give me a chewy, doughy crust—well toasted on the bottom, please, because we all know that caramelization = flavor—with just enough crisp snap, and I’m a happy camper. Nothing bready or crunchy passes muster, though. If it tastes like French bread pizza, it’s dead to me. Continue reading