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Recipe Trend: You’re Not the Boss of Me, No-Knead Bread

no-knead bread

No-knead bread has tormented me for nearly a year now. In January, actually at the very beginning of January, so about 11 months ago now, I decided to attempt the recipe, which many bloggers touted as the easiest thing they’ve ever made. Steamy Kitchen even bragged that the recipe was so easy that her four-year-old could make it. So when I failed miserably, this fact haunted me even more. If a four-year-old can make it, why can’t I? I put the recipe away, never to be looked at again.

So when I saw that no-knead bread was trend #6 on Saveur’s recipe trend list (for those of you keeping count, I am skipping kale chips, recipe #5, because I’ve blogged about them already), I figured this would be a great opportunity to force myself to face this recipe again. Surely I had just made a small error in my first attempt that could easily be fixed this second time around, I thought. To be on the safe side, I decided to use a slightly different variation, a ratio-based recipe from Michael Ruhlman’s bread-making app. Surely Ruhlman’s recipe would be foolproof. Continue reading

My Food Philosophy

You’ll probably get a sense of this from the recipes you’ll see me post to this blog, but I mostly like to cook simple foods using a few very fresh, seasonal, and high-quality ingredients. This definitely stems from my Sicilian heritage (Sicily is known for its simple home cooking); although my German mother did most of the cooking in my childhood home, my Sicilian grandmother, who lived with us for many of my formidable years, often pitched in and taught us family recipes. In other words, I grew up eating like an Italian American. Continue reading