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Does Your Dinner Need a New Kick? Try This Sweet and Spicy Salad

Mango Avocado Salad

Earlier this summer, one of the Bon Appetit men* I follow on Twitter tweeted that one of his favorite summer dishes was mango seasoned with a bit of lime juice and a sprinkle of cayenne. I happened to have mango in the fridge that day, so I instantly tried it.

Whoever it was, he didn’t steer me wrong—those three basic ingredients made for a simple but amazing snack or light dessert. The tart acid from the lime juice offset the sweet mango and actually seemed to thicken the mango’s own juice to make a nice little sauce. I’m not exactly sure what science was involved in that, but there was probably some kind of interaction between the acid in the lime and the pectin in the mango. The heat from the cayenne rounded everything out, taking it from basic sliced fruit to a complex, sophisticated dish. Continue reading