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Recipe Trend: Angel or Devil? With This Cake, You Don’t Have to Choose

heaven and hell cake

My version of this recipe may not cut or present well, but wow was it good. Item #4 on Saveur’s recipe trends list is heaven and hell cake, and as luck would have it, the weekend I decided to tackle it was a the same weekend as Halloween, fittingly. So while I kind of wanted to devour the entire cake by myself, the better choice was to bring the cake to a Halloween party. My friends (and my waistline) were grateful.

My husband took one bite and deemed that the cake should just be called heaven cake, because that’s what it tastes like. On the other hand, the entire time I was preparing this (which took several hours spread over a day and a half), I kept thinking that it should just be called hell cake, because it is a beast to prepare, but I knew this going in. As I’ve explained, I usually prefer simpler foods, but since I am determined to complete Saveur’s meager list, I didn’t really have a choice. Continue reading

Cooking My Way Through Recipe Trends

kale chips

Because I’ve been blogging for only a year now, it seems that I’ve missed many recipe trends. But thanks to Saveur, I can catch up quickly. Today the foodie magazine and website released an article dedicated to the top eight recipe trends over the past few years. And so guess what? I’ve decided to cook every one of them.

As luck would have it, I’ve actually checked item #5, kale chips, off my list already, when I made them last fall. I’ve also tried and failed at making no-knead bread, but if at first you don’t succeed . . . blah, blah, blah. We’ll see what happens next time. At any rate, there are six completely new recipes plus that bread I’m so determined to master, so be prepared for some interesting blogging ahead, folks.

Have you tried any of the recipes on Saveur’s list? Have any recommendations for me as I embark on this cooking and baking adventure?