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Magic Kingdom’s Sleepy Hollow Now Serves Waffle Sandwiches

 Ham, Proscuitto, and Swiss Waffle Sandwich at Disney's Sleepy Hollow

Have you ever walked by a place a dozen times and never given it a second glance? That was the way we were with Sleepy Hollow, a . . . well . . . sleepy little food stand in Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square. That is, until I learned that they now serve waffle sandwiches. Then we went out of our way to seek it out.

It looks like the menu change happened sometime in fall 2011, and honestly, I’m not sure what the counter served before that, because we really never looked at it twice. Now, the restaurant offers two choices of savory waffle sandwiches—a sweet and spicy chicken variety, and a ham, prosciutto, and Swiss variety—as well as a sweet Nutella and fruit dessert sandwich (yes, please!). It also serves straight-up waffles and funnel cakes. Continue reading

Why Foodies Shouldn’t Shy Away From Walt Disney World

Disney food humor

Last week, I spent just short of five lovely days at Walt Disney World Resort (WDW) in Orlando, FL. WDW is near and dear to me, as it’s where my husband and I honeymooned almost 11 years ago now. That honeymoon was my first trip to WDW (aside from an excursion when I was two that I can’t remember, and several trips to Disneyland in my school years), and I loved it so much we’ve been back seven times since.

Sure, there are other places around the country to visit, but we keep going back to WDW for several reasons, and one of them is the excellent food, if you know where to look. Other good reasons for our continued visits are the fabulous service from truly friendly employees, how clean everything is despite the massive number of people in the parks and resort daily, and how few decisions we have to make. Yeah, I’m digressing, but only slightly. In fact, once you book your trip, the only decisions you have to make are where you plan to eat each day. Continue reading

Does Your Dinner Need a New Kick? Try This Sweet and Spicy Salad

Mango Avocado Salad

Earlier this summer, one of the Bon Appetit men* I follow on Twitter tweeted that one of his favorite summer dishes was mango seasoned with a bit of lime juice and a sprinkle of cayenne. I happened to have mango in the fridge that day, so I instantly tried it.

Whoever it was, he didn’t steer me wrong—those three basic ingredients made for a simple but amazing snack or light dessert. The tart acid from the lime juice offset the sweet mango and actually seemed to thicken the mango’s own juice to make a nice little sauce. I’m not exactly sure what science was involved in that, but there was probably some kind of interaction between the acid in the lime and the pectin in the mango. The heat from the cayenne rounded everything out, taking it from basic sliced fruit to a complex, sophisticated dish. Continue reading

What I’m Eating Now: Avocado, Tomato, and Egg Sandwiches

Avocado, Tomato, and Egg Sandwich

I get on kicks—when I find a quick and easy meal I love, I make it a lot. Lunch, a light dinner, a snack—it seems I can’t get tired of it. (At least for now.)

It’s happened again, this time with a simple, open-faced sandwich. All I do is take slices of summer-ripe tomato, avocado, and hard-boiled egg, layer them on a toasted baguette (adding sea salt and a few red pepper flakes to each layer), then drizzle everything with some fruity extra-virgin olive oil.

I like to make these open-faced so there are two, but they can get a little messy to eat that way. If you prefer yours a little neater, stack them like a traditional sandwich so the upper portion of the baguette can help keep things in place.

Beets and Chocolate Are Starting to Be a Classic Combination

Roasted Beet Lava Cake

I’ve made beet cake. I’ve made chocolate lava cakes (but I have yet to share that recipe on this blog). What I haven’t done is combine them together. But one blogger has. I found the recipe on Pinterest, I think through my friend Diane, but it’s been so long since I’ve pinned it that I honestly don’t remember.

Unlike the beet cake I tried before, I couldn’t taste the beets at all in this recipe, probably because the ratio of beet to chocolate was pretty small. For some this would be an advantage, but I found it a little disappointing.

You see, I’m not a fan of hiding vegetables or other healthy things (black beans, anyone?) in foods in order to trick yourself or your family into eating them. I know I’ve blogged about a few recipes that may have given the wrong impression, but my intention has always been to see how an unexpected food combination, like beets and ice cream, can result in a new and unusual yet delicious flavor. Continue reading

Today, I Solemnly Swear to Actually Cook All of the Recipes I’ve Pinned

Pinterest logo

Pinterest is evil.

Okay, that’s kind of a lie. Like many people, I’m more than a little obsessed with it.

Of course I love it, but then I get sucked in on a lazy Sunday afternoon like today, and the next thing I know, I realize I’ve pinned recipes for 44 main courses, 25 snacks and sides, 34 desserts, 11 breakfasts and brunches, and 18 pitcher drinks and cocktails. And I haven’t tried most of them and so far don’t have any concrete plans to do so.

I like organized things that have a purpose, not random chaos, so you can imagine that having 132 recipes floating out there (on Pinterest alone!) that I want to try but have no plans to do so kind of makes my skin crawl. I know my collection of pins isn’t nearly as extensive as many, and I’m not judging anyone who has more and is fine with that. But for me, it’s anxiety-provoking. I guess there’s no more hiding my OCD tendencies now. Continue reading

Celebrate Christmas in July by Making Vanilla Extract

vanilla extract

If you have any bakers in your life, consider giving them a bottle of homemade vanilla extract for the holidays this year. Most bakers invest in pure vanilla extract for their baked goods, knowing its flavor is far superior to less-expensive imitation extract. However, homemade vanilla extract even puts store-bought pure extract to shame. It’s just pure, clean vanilla, void of any high-fructose corn syrup or other sweeteners that store-bought extracts rely on.

Making homemade extract may sound intimidating, but it’s really a simple process. Take vanilla beans and alcohol (vodka or rum), combine, and let it sit at room temperature. I’m bringing this up now because although it’s not difficult or time consuming to make, it does require about six months to age and develop the flavor. So if you plan to gift it for the holidays, start the process now. Continue reading