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The Secret to This No-Dairy-and-Sugar Ice Cream? Shhh . . . It’s Bananas

Chocolate Almond Banana Ice Cream


I am such a bad food blogger. I’ve been enjoying this ice cream all summer long and I haven’t shared it with you until now. The biggest reason why? I can’t stop eating it long enough to take a picture.

But that’s okay, because there’s nothing bad in here at all. It’s literally just bananas, cocoa powder, and a hint of almond butter and vanilla. No dairy or sugar for those of us on anti-inflammatory diets, yet you’d never in your life know it. Technically, that makes it a banana sorbet, not ice cream, but who’s really counting? Whatever it is, it’s delicious and healthy yet feels like you’re indulging. Continue reading

Food Trend: Black Bean Desserts

Copyright cookbookman17, Flickr.com

You know how I’m obsessed with desserts that feature unusual ingredients, like beet cake or beet ice cream? Well, now I’ve gone and taken it a step further. I’m trying to join the craze around black bean desserts.

Never heard of them? You’re probably not alone. I vaguely remember reading something about black bean brownies on Twitter over the summer, but at the time I was obsessed with beets and paid those brownies no mind.

But during a recent visit to my mother’s home, I stumbled across a tiny blurb in one of her issues of Family Circle, claiming that all you had to do to prepare a healthy dessert was puree a can of black beans, add it to a box of brownie mix in lieu of oil and eggs, and then bake according to package directions. No one will be able to tell the difference, the page proclaimed.

Challenge accepted. Continue reading