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Recipe Trend: My Attempt at These Cookies Would Never Result in World Peace

World Peace Cookies

For something theoretically so good so as to supposedly result in world peace, frankly I expected these cookies to be better. I’ve come to the final entry on Saveur’s recipe trends list, world peace cookies, hoping the list would end on a high note, but it left me a little disappointed. Continue reading

Recipe Trend: Are 36-Hour Chocolate Chip Cookies Worth the Wait?

36-hour chocolate chip cookies

Yes. Yes they are.

Recipe #7 on Saveur’s recipe trends list, 36-hour chocolate chip cookies, is an exercise in patience. But since good things come to those who wait and all that, these cookies reward you for your willpower.

Remember when I said that whole-wheat chocolate chip cookies might be the answer to my quest for the perfect cookie? Yep, I was wrong. I don’t think the most perfect bakery specimen could top 36-hour chocolate chip cookies. Continue reading

Recipe Trend: Deceptively Delicious Whole-Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

whole-wheat chocolate chip cookies

No, I’m not trying to push health food on you. These cookies are anything but. Recipe #2 on the Savour recipe trend list, this was probably the recipe I was most looking forward to trying. Food bloggers touted their surprisingly nutty flavor, and many claimed it was the best chocolate chip cookie they’ve ever tasted. This was now their go-to recipe for chocolate chip cookies, they said. With press like that, how can you not be intrigued?

Yes, the only flour they contain is whole wheat (many other baked-goods recipes that incorporate whole-wheat flour usually only replace about 25% or so of the white flour with whole wheat). But that’s not necessarily to make them healthy. Look, you’re still putting in a cup of butter and two cups of sugar, not to mention eight ounces of chocolate, although it is the healthier dark chocolate. Face it, these cookies are more decadent than healthy any day. Continue reading

Why I Think Biscotti Are the Perfect Christmas Cookie


Wow, I have been so busy with my Christmas baking that I didn’t realize it’s been so long since my last post. What have I been baking? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Every year, I make batches upon batches of biscotti to give as gifts. I didn’t realize how strange this was until I tweeted about this year’s first batch of biscotti being in the oven and I received a reply along the lines of “First? How many batches do you make?” To be honest, I never actually counted, although this year, if I remember correctly, I made one regular batch and then three double batches (thanks to my fabulous new mixer, a much-appreciated early Christmas gift), for a total of seven regular batches. Plus, there’s still time for some more!

I don’t find this strange because to me, biscotti are the perfect holiday cookie. Not only is it the best cookie to enjoy with a warm beverage during the cold months of December and early January, it’s also incredibly versatile. It also keeps for what seems like forever, which is a plus when making them as gifts ahead of time. Continue reading

Why Magnolia Bakery Frosting Changed My Life

Magnolia Bakery frosting

I love cake—chocolate, white, carrot, red velvet, you name it. I love it so much that even one of my favorite bands is named Cake. As you may imagine, I have very stringent criteria for judging good cake: a certain level of denseness, moisture, flavor—and these factors often change based on the variety of cake. It’s all very scientific and detailed, of course. (Ha!)

But what I don’t love is frosting. Never really did. Every birthday I’d scrape the frosting off my cake and leave it in a big pile on the side of my plate. I never want the corner pieces, or the giant balloons or rosettes—someone who loves frosting can take those, please! I thought the artificial taste of store-bought frosting and the gritty, sugary texture of homemade buttercream turned me off to frosting forever.

That is, until I started making Magnolia Bakery frosting. Continue reading