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If Only All Vegetables Could Be Prepared Like This

Chocolate Beet Cake

Remember last fall when I didn’t know what to do with beets besides beet, pecan, and goat cheese salad? Well, a kind soul named Jenny alerted me to a recipe for, of all things, beet cake, and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind (thanks, Jenny!). As soon as I saw beets appearing on farmers market tables this summer, I snatched up a few bunches specifically so I could try a beet cake recipe.

I know. Beets and cake. Not the first combination that comes to mind. But before you go getting all judgmental on me, think for a minute. Do you like carrot cake? What about zucchini bread? See, veggies and baked goods have had a long-standing history of successful marriages. I urge you to open-mindedly give beet cake a try. It’s moist, rich, and fudgy, and if I hadn’t told you, you’d probably never know that beets were the key ingredient. Plus, it has chocolate. Nothing can go wrong when you add chocolate. Continue reading