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Why Magnolia Bakery Frosting Changed My Life

Magnolia Bakery frosting

I love cake—chocolate, white, carrot, red velvet, you name it. I love it so much that even one of my favorite bands is named Cake. As you may imagine, I have very stringent criteria for judging good cake: a certain level of denseness, moisture, flavor—and these factors often change based on the variety of cake. It’s all very scientific and detailed, of course. (Ha!)

But what I don’t love is frosting. Never really did. Every birthday I’d scrape the frosting off my cake and leave it in a big pile on the side of my plate. I never want the corner pieces, or the giant balloons or rosettes—someone who loves frosting can take those, please! I thought the artificial taste of store-bought frosting and the gritty, sugary texture of homemade buttercream turned me off to frosting forever.

That is, until I started making Magnolia Bakery frosting. Continue reading