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“Pink or No Pink?” The One About the Perfectly Cooked Hamburger

Aside from a greasy burger, there’s one thing I can’t stand when you’re paying upwards of $8 or $10 for a gourmet burger: overcooking. The chain restaurants are notoriously bad about this. I’ve learned to order my burgers medium rare when what I really want is medium. Even worse are the chain restaurants that ask you “pink or no pink?” as if you are not intelligent enough to know what well, medium, or rare mean. As my husband joked one day, what they’re really asking is if you want it “cooked or overcooked?” Truth burn. And then they ignore your request anyway and send everything out the same funny shade of brown. Continue reading

Can You Improve on the Classic Burger? Burgh’ers Can

Forest Hills burger with rosemary fries

Sometimes, all you want or need is a great burger. Not a perfectly cooked filet, or trendy sushi, or an elegant seafood dinner, or even modernist cuisine, but a juicy, flavorful, classic hamburger, perhaps with a few creative toppings. And for that, you go to Burgh’ers.

Opened in 2010, Burgh’ers is one of several gourmet burger joints to recently hit Pittsburgh’s restaurant scene. What sets Burgh’ers apart from the crowd is its strong commitment to using local, natural ingredients—evident in the way the restaurant proudly lists its local purveyors right on its home page. Another source of pride for Burgh’ers is its proprietary meat blend, made from grass-fed beef raised at Armstrong Farms in Saxonburg, PA.

A quick glance at the menu will tell you this isn’t your parents’ burger joint. Instead of just hamburgers and cheeseburgers, you’re able to choose from nearly a dozen specialty burger combinations, all with sophisticated toppings. Caramelized onions? Check. Wild mushrooms? Check. Fennel seed? Check. Even rapini? You bet! None of the preconceived burgers quite your fancy? Then build your own burger with the toppings list on the back of the menu. Continue reading