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Biba Brings Innovative Dining to Beaver County

Spaghetti Squash at Biba

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a saying that can be applied to restaurants, too. Or rather, don’t judge a restaurant by its prices, as was the recent lesson I learned.

The case: Biba, a new Latin/tapas restaurant in Beaver, PA, about 40 minutes north of Pittsburgh.

The menu: A variety of small and large plates, meant to be shared. The menu changes weekly to take advantage of foods that are fresh and in season (I know, right up my alley, right?). On the night I visited, small plates ranged from $4-$12 and large plates cost $16-$26.

The dilemma: I attended Biba’s soft opening night in late summer, at which small plates were $7 and large $14. I feel this is more in line with the prices people expect to pay for a dining experience in Beaver. So, I went into my more recent experience thinking that no matter how good the food was, expecting Beaver County residents (of which I am one) to pay $26 an entrée was setting the restaurant up for failure.

I was wrong. Continue reading