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Cool Off With Strawberry Balsamic Gelato

If you’re a food nerd in Pittsburgh, you’ve been to the Robinson Giant Eagle Market District store. Yes, that’s probably a fact. Not only can you find a variety of specialty pantry items, organic and locally grown produce, local and grass-fed meats, but there is a whole charcuterie section in the back that I’m simply in awe of. Plus, there is never a dearth of free samples. I could hang out here all day.

Although the charcuterie section is probably my favorite part of the store, a close second is the gelato counter near the self-checkouts at the front. Mmmm. Gelato. Just the word makes me melt like, well, gelato on a warm summer day like today. There’s always a variety of tantalizing flavor combinations to choose from, like jalapeno chocolate, various coffees and mochas, perhaps something with hazelnut, and, just one time, a vanilla almond ginger concoction, but nearly without fail I always order my standby: strawberry balsamic. It’s the perfect combination of sweet strawberries, tangy balsamic, and creamy goodness. Continue reading