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A Salt Manifesto

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Salt, sadly, has had a bad rap lately. From a 2009 announcement by Penzeys Spices to a recent mediocre Angelina Jolie movie, it seems that everywhere we turn, we are discouraged in using salt.

I took particular offense to Penzeys’ rationale when I first saw it (and apparently still haven’t gotten over it), which I think echoes the rationale of some health advocates: “I feel things have gotten to a point where the specialty salts are glamorizing the use of salt and, with that, encouraging people to use more of it.”

Yes, too much salt in your diet is a health concern. According to the Mayo Clinic (my go-to Internet health resource whenever I want to self-diagnose any hypochondria), when too much salt builds up in your blood, it increases your blood pressure, which, we know, is bad for your heart. This happens to some people more than others, depending on how their kidneys work and whether they have confounding conditions, so if you are one of those who honestly can’t consume much salt, please stop reading now. It’ll only make you wistful. You have my sympathies. Continue reading

My Food Philosophy

You’ll probably get a sense of this from the recipes you’ll see me post to this blog, but I mostly like to cook simple foods using a few very fresh, seasonal, and high-quality ingredients. This definitely stems from my Sicilian heritage (Sicily is known for its simple home cooking); although my German mother did most of the cooking in my childhood home, my Sicilian grandmother, who lived with us for many of my formidable years, often pitched in and taught us family recipes. In other words, I grew up eating like an Italian American. Continue reading