Epcot’s Sunshine Seasons Offers Quick, Affordable, Healthy, Sustainable, and—Yes—Tasty Fare

Beet Salad at Disney's Sunshine Seasons Epcot

There are a few counter-service gems in Walt Disney World, and Sunshine Seasons is one of them. Located right off the exit ramp for Soarin’, one of WDW’s relatively new rides in Epcot’s The Land pavilion, Sunshine Seasons focuses on variety and fresh ingredients.

What you might not know is that WDW actually has a compound of hydroponic greenhouses right on site in Epcot, and much of the produce grown there is served in the nearby restaurants: Sunshine Seasons and the table-service Garden Grill. So not only are you getting incredibly fresh vegetables in your salad or on your sandwich, they’re leaving about the smallest environmental footprint imaginable.

But, back to the menu: the food is served cafeteria-style from several stations; you merely walk up to the station of interest, place your order, and within minutes have a freshly prepared plate. Stations range from sandwiches, soups and salads, stir fries, grilled meats, and even grab-and-go sushi. That said, this isn’t your usual cafeteria fare. Each station features foods that are familiar yet slightly more sophisticated. For example, one of the sandwiches was a pork banh mi, and the salads included a seared tuna as well as a beet and goat cheese.

My go-to order at Sunshine Seasons is actually that beet and goat cheese salad. Roasted red and yellow beets are served atop lightly dressed spring greens. A generous portion of goat cheese is placed alongside, and Disney’s famous (at least to us) cinnamon-roasted pecans add both flavor and crunch. A piece of seeded crisp flatbread rounds out the plate. It’s simple and hits the spot after too many meals of meat and carbs on vacation.

Another surprise find at Sunshine Seasons is actually at the drink station. At first glance, it’s just a self-serve fountain beverage bar featuring Coca-Cola products, but if you look a little closer, you’ll find a small machine dispensing a variety of iced teas. Not raspberry or lemon Nestea, mind you, but various versions of green, white, and black teas, some sweetened and flavored and some as nature intended. Sunshine Seasons isn’t fancy, but it’s these kind of little things that add up and make it a surprisingly delightful counter-service experience.

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