Today, I Solemnly Swear to Actually Cook All of the Recipes I’ve Pinned

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Pinterest is evil.

Okay, that’s kind of a lie. Like many people, I’m more than a little obsessed with it.

Of course I love it, but then I get sucked in on a lazy Sunday afternoon like today, and the next thing I know, I realize I’ve pinned recipes for 44 main courses, 25 snacks and sides, 34 desserts, 11 breakfasts and brunches, and 18 pitcher drinks and cocktails. And I haven’t tried most of them and so far don’t have any concrete plans to do so.

I like organized things that have a purpose, not random chaos, so you can imagine that having 132 recipes floating out there (on Pinterest alone!) that I want to try but have no plans to do so kind of makes my skin crawl. I know my collection of pins isn’t nearly as extensive as many, and I’m not judging anyone who has more and is fine with that. But for me, it’s anxiety-provoking. I guess there’s no more hiding my OCD tendencies now.

So with that, I’ve decided it’s high time to pledge that I cook my way through those recipes, a la what I did with last fall’s recipe trends series. My goal is to cook at least one Pinterest recipe a week, but hopefully more, and I’ll share many of them with you all to help keep me accountable.

(If you want a sneak peek at what might be in store, follow me on Pinterest and check out my boards.)

What about you? Are you worried your Pinterest boards may spin out of control?

4 responses to “Today, I Solemnly Swear to Actually Cook All of the Recipes I’ve Pinned

  1. I actually made another Pinterest board, apart from the one I usually pin recipes to, to decide what to make for a dinner party instead of consulting cookbooks…I am hopelessly addicted to Pinterest…

    • That sounds exactly like me! I tried to organize my boards by course, but they’re still getting out of hand. Good idea to have a board for dinner parties!

  2. I created a board just for Pins that I have tried. It helps maintain the madness.
    I also love pinning recipes. When looking for something new, I ofter refer back and congratulate myself on such a great collection. 🙂

    • I like your thinking, Diane! 🙂

      I’ve tried to identify the recipes I’ve tried by leaving a comment on those pins, identifying any changes I made, what I thought worked and didn’t, and what I’d try next time. If there isn’t going to be a next time, I just delete the pin. If I blog about it, I pin it on my Girl in the Blue Apron board. So I have a strategy for maintaining the pins once I’ve made the recipe, it was just getting to the making point that I was having a hard time with!

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