Recipe Trend: My Attempt at These Cookies Would Never Result in World Peace

World Peace Cookies

For something theoretically so good so as to supposedly result in world peace, frankly I expected these cookies to be better. I’ve come to the final entry on Saveur’s recipe trends list, world peace cookies, hoping the list would end on a high note, but it left me a little disappointed.

Everyone has different tastes, but for me, world peace cookies missed the mark. Sure, they’re chocolaty delicious, but the texture was not at all what I look for in a cookie. Because the recipe contains no eggs, just butter, they’re slightly dry and crunchy like shortbread, but they fell short of shortbread. Whereas shortbread has a buttery, soft-yet-crunchy bite, these cookies didn’t feel buttery at all, just dry. Perhaps I did something wrong when following the recipe, but at this point in the year, I really have no desire to attempt them again when there are so many other great Christmas cookies I do want to make. So with that, I don’t feel prepared to share my take on the recipe with you. Instead, I leave you with the image above and a link to Saveur’s write up of the cookies, which links to other bakers and bloggers for the complete recipe.

So after seven weeks of cooking my way through recipe trends, what have I learned?

  1. I can roast a chicken!
  2. No matter what food purists say, roasting a chicken is not particularly easy.
  3. If I ever open a bakery, multilayered cakes will not be on my menu.
  4. I can bake bread!
  5. There are at least two really great chocolate chip cookie recipes out there.

Now on to holiday recipes!

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